Do you have questions?Your answer might be right here.
If this is your first time looking into Credentia, odds are you have questions. Below we have compiled a list of the questions we hear most often. If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQ’s on this page, please contact us for further assistance.
What is Nurse Aide Credentialing?
What are the eligibility requirements to become a Nurse Aide Evaluator?
To be eligible to provide Nurse Aide Evalautor services to the Pearson VUE Nurse Aide Program, nurses must:
  • Have at least one year of experience caring for the elderly or chronically ill of any age
  • Carry a current nurse license
  • Carry automobile insurance
How can I register to become a Nurse Aide Evaluator and how does the enrollment process work?
You can register at any time by clicking here to create a secure online account. Once you create an account, simply complete a short online form to help us better understand your background and experience. Once you submit your form, a Credentia representative will review the information and schedule a call to further discuss your interest in the program. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you’ll receive an electronic offer letter via DocuSign for your electronic signature.
How do I review and execute the new Credentia Offer Letter sent via DocuSign?
DocuSign is the world leader in electronic signature service and it is very easy to use. Simply click “view document” in the email you receive from DocuSign. From there, you can view the entire agreement online and enter the necessary information before digitally signing the agreement. Once you electronically sign the agreement, it will be routed to Credentia for countersignature. Upon countersignature by Credentia, you will receive an electronic copy from DocuSign for your records.
What is involved with administering the NNAAP™ examination?
The NNAAP™ Examination consists of a written examination and a skills demonstration examination proctored by a Registered Nurse (RN) or “Nurse Aide Evaluator.” The written exam is limited to a maximum of two hours and the skills demonstration exam is timed and consists of observing the nurse aide candidate demonstrate five randomly selected skills from a predetermined test pool of skills.
How do I learn more about administering the NNAAP™ examination?
Once you sign a contractor agreement with Credentia, you will be scheduled for a one day orientation class where Pearson VUE will provide full information on how to administer examinations in compliance with standards and regulations.
What hourly rates are paid to Evaluators under the program?
Credentia pays an hourly rate Evaluators for administering the written  skills portion of the examination.
How and when do I get paid for testing events?
Upon completion of a test event, you will submit a short online timessheet through Conductor™ that will be routed to our accounting team for processing. Credentia issues bi-weekly payroll so you can expect to receive prompt payment upon submission of your completed online invoice.
Are there other ways to earn money under the program other than administering the NNAAP™ examination?
Yes, Credentia also has opportunities for nurses to perform audits of testing facilities and other Evaluators in support of efforts to ensure ongoing program compliance for each test facility and Evaluator. If you have interest in these opportunities to earn additional income under the program please contact us to discuss further.
How am I able to pick and choose which testing events to work?
Credentia utilizes an easy web-based software application called Conductor™ that allows you to specify which dates you are willing to work and at which test facilities you are able to travel to for testing. Based on this information, we will send you offers as test events are scheduled and you can elect to accept or decline the offer.
How do I get test materials for an event?
All testing materials are sent to your home several business days before a test event date. Materials include everything you need to administer examinations including test booklets, scoring sheets, and other supporting forms.
What role does Credentia play in the Pearson VUE Nurse Aide program?
Credentia manages most of the administrative functions of the program including:
  • Evaluator staffing (recruiting and qualification screening)
  • Evaluator test event scheduling including bed assignments for multi-bed test events
  • Scheduling of QA Auditors for facility and Evaluator audits
  • Evaluator payments
  • Processing of candidate applications in states where candidate self-scheduling is not yet available
  • Print and distribute test event materials to Evaluators
  • Manage return of test booklets from Evaluators
  • Track Evaluator performance based on candidate surveys (new)
  • Evaluator Help Desk support
  • Assist PVUE with research on candidate grievances with Evaluators
  • Set examination dates
  • Evaluator orientation/training to events to prepare Evaluators for administering the NNAAP™ Examination
  • Training of QA Auditors for facility and Evaluator audits
  • Evaluator and facility compliance
  • Oversee candidate scheduling in states where candidate self-scheduling is available
What activities does Pearson VUE perform under the program?
PVUE manages a range of activities related to client management, test site management and testing content including:
  • State agency client management & reporting
  • Test facility management (recruiting, qualification screening)
  • Creation of test booklets
  • Scoring of the NNAAP™ Examinations
Where are Credentia personnel located and how do they work seamlessly with Pearson VUE?
Credentia and Pearson VUE team members office together in Bala Cynwyd, PA with management oversight and processes that deliver seamless service.
Who can I contact if I have further questions about Credentia?
Submit a question at any time on our contact page or call us at (877) 577-2380 between the hours of 8:30AM – 6:00PM EDT.