Superior Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation

Because You Care, We Care. Credentia provides high-quality nurse aide competency evaluation services exclusively for Pearson VUE under the standards of the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP™) to preserve the value of the nurse aide credential and to enable better healthcare in the communities we serve.

What is Nurse Aide Credentialing?

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What is Nurse Aide Credentialing?

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Why Credentia?

Become an Invaluable Asset

Nurse Aide Evaluators have a unique opportunity to play a critical role in building their nursing communities through administering certification testing for many thousands of nurse aide professionals — many of whom will enter healthcare as a nurse aide and develop careers to provide even more valuable services to their communities over time.

Our process creates a foundational element for cultivating high quality healthcare professionals for decades to come.

Earn Extra Income

Nurse Aide evaluators can average up to three events per week.

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Easy-to-use portal that streamlines all activities from scheduling to submitting and tracking invoices.

No-worry test days.
Pre-filled and well-organized test materials are sent to Evaluators several days before test dates.

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Support & Commitment to the nurse aide process

Convenient and specialized processes to ensure success administering the NNAAP™ examination.

The Importance of the Evaluation Process

With an expected 17% growth in the job market for CNA’s, Credentia is poised to meet the increased demand because of our strong partnership with the Evaluator community.

An Invaluable Asset To The Community
The careers of individual practitioners and those who fill this position in our healthcare system hinge on the credibility of the Nurse Aide credential. As a result, the quality and service provided by the Nurse Aide Evaluator is an invaluable component of building strong healthcare communities.

Nurse Aide Evaluators
Credentia’s first priority is investing in the management services to the credentialing process to facilitate the expertise, integrity and dedication of the Nurse Aide Evaluators. As professionals partnering with both Credentia and Pearson VUE, Evaluators are the ambassadors for better healthcare in our communities. Nothing is more critical to the operation of our business than the management services we provide to the Evaluators.

Better Evaluation Means Better Healthcare
In every facet of our business, we continually challenge ourselves to improve processes and services so that Evaluators can complete their duties with greater efficiency and maximum ease.
When Credentia performs its management services with excellence for Pearson VUE to facilitate the credentialing work of the Evaluators, the nurse aide candidates have their competency evaluated more effectively. And higher quality nurse aide competency evaluation leads to better healthcare in our communities.